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The Soča Trail: hiking along the most beautiful river in Slovenia.

The Soča Trail: hiking along the most beautiful river in Slovenia.

The Soča Trail is a beautiful hike in the Slovenian Triglav Park along – you guessed it – the Soča River. You can kick off this adventure at the source and follow the water for about 25 kilometers until you reach the village of Bovec. Emerald-green water, rugged rocks, occasional gorges, and numerous suspension bridges make this route more than worth it!

How do you get to the start of the Soča Trail?

While you shouldn’t expect too much from public transportation in Slovenia, the bus service in and around Bovec is surprisingly well-organized. You can find the bus stop at the square in front of the Mercator supermarket in the city center. Between 10 am and 2 pm, a bus departs every hour to the source of the Soča, called “Izvir Soče” in Slovenian. Check the internet for the exact departure times. The bus ride takes about twenty minutes and will set you back 2.90 euros per person (as of summer 2023).

Along the banks of the Soča River

The total length of the Soška trail is 25 km and it is well marked. Just follow the signs that say “Soška Pot” or use the GPX file that you can download below.

The route is mostly downhill, starting at about eight hundred meters above sea level and ending at four hundred. Be prepared for some short climbs, however, as the trail takes you down to the river’s edge and back up again several times.

These short climbs ultimately made the trip more challenging than we anticipated. If this sounds a bit challenging, know that it’s possible to shorten the trip. You can get off the bus earlier on the way out or take the bus back along the way instead of continuing on foot. The bus route runs almost parallel to the trail.

We found the Soča Trail to be a truly beautiful hike! The water has a crystal clear blue color, making it possible to see trout swimming from a distance. In addition, the Soča is a rather wild river with numerous rapids due to the rocky formations in the water. There are places where the water has to navigate through narrow gorges, which is a sight to behold! Finally, we also loved the numerous suspension bridges, which added a great touch to the experience.

What should you bring?

As is typical for a real mountain river, the water of the Soča is refreshingly cold! It was enough for us to cool off by dipping our feet into the water from time to time. However, there are plenty of places along the river where you can swim, and some adventurous souls even enjoy jumping off the rocks. So swimwear might come in handy!

It’s worth noting that there are few places to eat along the trail, so we made sure to bring plenty of water and a packed lunch. One recommendation is the terrace at Camp Jelinc, about halfway across the river. This campsite has its own farm and serves dishes made from its own produce. We tried a plate of locally made lamb and goat cheese. Delicious!

Soča Trail

Distance 25km
Duration 6 à 7 uur
Altitude gained 480m 820m
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